Spectacular Senior Follies 2017

The Spectacular Senior Follies

Our Spectacular Senior Entertainment Event will be performed at Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts. Matinees are on September 14th, 15th. 16th & 17th at 2 pm & the Evening show is September 16th at 7 pm.

The show is set, auditions were held, 177 singers and dancers auditioned and the Follies Board is working diligently to produce a spectacular, all-new 2017 Senior Follies. The 2017 show is “The Fabulous 50s” and will encompass the decade’s great music, from the big band music of the early part of the decade thru the golden age of Broadway musicals to the birth of rock and roll.The cast has been selected, parts have been assigned and rehearsals are about to begin.

The Spectacular Senior Follies is happy to announce that special guest performers, Dallas Doo Wop, will be joining the cast of the 2017 Follies.

A Spectacular Senior Entertainment Event – A must see. Just great family entertainment for all ages,

These Senior Follies entertainers may no longer be in the prime of their lives, but they really are having the time of their lives!

This is not some ‘mom and pop’ organization, but a highly motivated professional troupe that makes Richard Simmons look like a couch potato.

These talented Senior Follies really put on a first class professional show with Broadway appeal. Although they are everyday people, every member offers extraordinary talent with both passionate and dynamic enthusiasm.