XSR: Die! – Pegasus Theatre


“…this year’s show is a delicious revival of one of company founder-playwright-star Kurt Kleinmann’s best: XSR: Die!”

“XSR: Die!, directed by Theatre Three’s top comedy showman, Michael Serrecchia, is, like all of Kleinmann’s black-and-whites, a silly play about silly people, some of whom die by ridiculous means.”

“[Serrecchia] likes twirling his actors around the stage, having them freeze now and then in absurdly comic poses. That’s something different for Pegasus, but the flourishes layer good new bits of physical comedy over the sometimes too-corny gags Kleinmann has written.”

— Elaine Liner – Dallas Observer

“With XSR: Die! at the Eisemann Center, Pegasus Theatre stages one of its best Living Black and White shows in a while.”

— Mark Lowry – Theater Jone