The Great American Trailer Park Musical – Contemporary Theatre of Dallas

“Directed with bawdy good humor and a touch of crass by Michael Serrecchia, the crackerjack (oops) cast have big voices and the comic pizzazz to infuse the show’s stereotypical characters with the amps to wring laughs from sometimes worn jokes about rednecks and their penchant for marrying cousins, getting hooked on tabloid TV shows and sniffing anything that comes in a spray can.”

— Martha Heimberg – Theatre Jones

Little Women – Contemporary Theatre of Dallas

“Director Michael Serrecchia’s experienced hand shows in the brisk timing and energy of the show…”

— Jan Farrington – Theatre Jones

“With outstanding direction from Michael Serrecchia, the entire CTD technical staff should be applauded for creating a visual presentation of the story that was simply SPECTACULAR”

— Buster Spiller – Broadwayworld

Phantom at Irving Arts Mainstage

“Director Michael Serrecchia pulled together an outstanding cast and production crew, including Adam C. Wright as Musical Director and Megan Kelly Bates as Choreographer. Serrecchia commands respect just based on his background, but he’s also one of several directors in DFW who regularly create watchable and enjoyable productions, often award winning. Phantom certainly fits that pattern.”

— Charlie Bowles – The Column

Sweeney Todd at Uptown Players & Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas, Texas

“Perception is everything here, an idea Michael Serrecchia’s direction brings into eloquent focus with the characters looking at, through or away from each other and describing everything from London to “Pretty Women” from utterly different perspectives.”

— Nancy Churnin – Dallas Morning News

Hank Williams: Lost Highway at Watertower Theatre in Addison, Texas

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Stage director Michael Serrecchia could take a big musical like The King and I and produce it in a closet with a full cast and make it shine. In this case he takes what could have been a very sad, shallow affair and focuses on the soul of the fine musical artist Hank Williams—his uniqueness, his inspiration, his clear arc of development and disintegration.”

— Alexandria Bonifield – Theatre Jones

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley at Dallas Children’s Theater in Dallas, Texas

“This Southwest professional premiere succeeds in style because director and choreographer Michael Serrecchia, KD Studio chairman and alumnus of Broadway’s original, Pulitzer Prize-winning A Chorus Line, works with his deft design team to guide it from one magical moment to another.”

— Nancy Churnin –  Dallas Morning News

Avenue Q at Theatre Three in Dallas, Texas

“Director Michael Serrecchia has really put together a top-notch show, with puppets created by Robinson and Pix Smith of the Dallas Puppet Theater.”

— Kris Noteboom – Theatre Jones

Next To Normal at Uptown Players in Dallas, Texas

“For Uptown Players, the regional premiere of Next to Normal is the best show the company has ever done: The best cast, all of whom are at the top of their games; the best set; the best band (a pitch-perfect performance, led by music director Scott A. Eckert); and the best directing personally for Michael Serrecchia, who moves the scenes seamlessly as the play hits you in waves, alternatingly poignant and humorous.”

— Arnold Wayne Jones – Dallas Voice

“Under the skillful direction of Michael Serrecchia, this production addresses the serious questions of the story with poignancy and, at times, humor. Indeed, the strength of this production lies in the way it allows the powerful text and music to tell the story without overtly emphasizing or adding to it.”

— Mike Maiella –

“This Next to Normal is powerfully, powerfully sung. Skillfully directed by Michael Serrecchia, the Uptown Players production is a small, polished juggernaut. Having given The Drowsy Chaperone a charming staging at Theatre 3, Serrecchia clearly is on a roll.”

— Jerome Weeks – Art and Seek

“Director Michael Serrecchia’s production shows that Great White Way pluck and polish with very strong to spectacular performances, and a fantastic look and sound to the show.”

— M. Lance Lusk – D Magazine

The Drowsy Chaperone at Theatre Three in Dallas, Texas

“…Director Michael Serrecchia has cast each terminally silly role so perfectly that we (like the Man in Chair) don’t really care that the plot about a celebrity wedding makes no sense.”

— Lawson Taitte – Dallas Morning News

“ …Under the guidance of seasoned musical theater professional Michael Serrecchia, Theatre Three’s cast of twenty-one sparkles, sings, dishes, dances and dazzles with appealing verve and consummate style…In a holiday season replete with excellent stage entertainment, this is the one to not miss…Michael Serrecchia’s production serves the work well and gives Theatre Three’s audience a better cast, better rehearsed, better costumed, more professionally performed evening of live theater than anything else the company has produced all year…Serrecchia creates palpable stage magic from the moment the show opens in complete darkness, setting its whimsical tone simply, with Man in Chair’s voice. As soon as the lights come up, the stage erupts with circus-like color, banter and energy as the entire company hurtles in, pouring forth from Man in Chair’s imagination. Serrecchia masterfully evokes a kaleidoscope of choreographed but natural-seeming stage pictures and moments and characterizations executed in smoothly orchestrated chaos. Every inch of his stage, on all levels, explodes with fine-tuned mayhem and drive. It feels easy and spontaneous, yet all visual and plot aspects tie lovingly together, joyfully following the arc of the play into the depths of one man’s mind like Niagara Falls in living Technicolor.”

— Alexandra Bonifield –

” …To say the show is fast-paced would be a gross understatement. Director Michael Serrecchia and Assistant Director Megan Kelly Bates keep this show moving with snappy patter and athletic dancing (they’re also the co-choreographers).”

— Carol Anne Gordan – The Column

“ …At Theatre Three, presenting this splashy, bubbly, and larger-than-life musical probably turned up all sorts of challenges: How to deliver a 1920s pastiche without the jokes falling flat? How to design a grand, exaggerated show for a smaller space? How to fit more than 20 dancing people on that tiny stage?  Somehow, Jac Adler and Michael Serrecchia not only succeeded, they killed it harder than Ethel Merman belting out one of the show’s signature tune (musical theater joke; brace yourselves, there will be more).”

— Lindsey Wilson – D Magazine 

“ …The Drowsy Chaperone, directed by Michael Serrecchia at Theatre Three, is so much fast-moving and pun-packed fun that everybody in the theater is laughing out loud most of the time!”

— Martha Heimberg – Turtle Creek News

A Class Act at Theatre Three in Dallas, Texas

“…Serrecchia’s magnificent staging works marvels in mounting this small production in the round. A musical in the round is so difficult to pull off, but here Serrecchia shows that it isn’t a problem, but an enhancement. His staging and blocking are creative and solid as a rock, and he uses every inch of possible space. Choreography and staging for such numbers as “Paris Through the Window,” “Gauguin’s Shoes,” and “One” is vibrant, unique, and marvelous.

The pace is fast, but with purpose and intent. Serrecchia has cast members and small pieces of set zip in and out. His direction in taking this lackadaisical material and creating wonderful theater magic is a testament to this man’s brilliant talent….”

— John Garcia – Talkin’ Broadway Regional News and Reviews

Nine at Irving Community Theatre in Irving, Texas

“…ICT’s Nine is directed and choreographed by Michael Serrecchia, who has performed in several Broadway shows and was part of the original cast of A Chorus Line. I sincerely think only someone with that kind of background can truly understand Nine, because what he has done with this production is jaw-dropping amazing. With a few minor exceptions, this piece soars beautifully.

The staging and choreography is visually exquisite. Serrecchia keeps the chorus of ladies constantly moving and dancing all around the stage. Most directors would have just staged the soloists and brought in the ladies on occasion, but Serrecchia’s keen eye to detail makes the staging and choreography marvelous. I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen a local musical do this much intricate, detailed staging. The pace is perfect…”

— John Garcia – Talkin’ Broadway Regional News and Reviews

The Full Monty at Theatre Three in Dallas, Texas

“…Michael Serrecchia’s direction and choreography are phenomenal. The blocking and staging result in a 3D masterpiece for this “in the round” production. Serrecchia has his actors work all four sides of the theater constantly. Even during musical numbers, they move with ease and purpose all around the space – never skipping any side of the house. Actors are directed to move with determination, reason, and at times with underlying subtext that works magic for the lyrics, book and emotion. Serrecchia wins another gold star for the snappy pace and energy he has instilled within his company. Frequently scene changes can be the kiss of death for a production, but that does not happen here. The cast constantly moves sets, furniture, and props with effortless speed – and totally in character, never allowing the energy or emotion to drop…”

— John Garcia – Talkin’ Broadway Regional News and Reviews